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Eric M. Wright CPA, CITP

Data is one of the most valued and targeted assets across all industries and organizations, which is why it is critical to know how to effectively manage and protect it. With the technology and regulatory landscape constantly changing, the methods organizations take to protect the privacy of data should also constantly evolve. 

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An effective data privacy program can be a business differentiator within your market and industry. By being transparent with your data practices, answering customer concerns upfront, along with the ability to show that employees with access to customer data are regularly trained, will collectively help gain and retain customer trust to differentiate your business amongst competitors and in-turn speed up the sales cycle.

Schneider Downs Data Privacy Services

Business Process and Data Flow

A critical component to understanding how an organization’s data (oftentimes consumer data) travels throughout its lifecycle is to develop business processes and data flow diagrams. Learn More

Data Privacy Control Assessment

Regardless of whether your data privacy program was recently established or tenured, it’s important to assess its ongoing effectiveness in today’s ever-evolving technological world. Learn More

Data Protection Impact Assessment 

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a process to help identify and minimize data protection risks to an organization. Learn More

NIST Privacy Framework Compliance

The NIST Privacy Framework is intended to be leveraged as a foundation to help organizations identify and manage privacy risk to build innovative products and services while protecting individuals’ privacy. Learn More

Privacy by Design

Our approach to Privacy by Design ensures that privacy and security controls are aligned with an organization’s tolerance for risk, its compliance with regulations, and its commitment to building a sustainable privacy-minded culture.  Learn More

Privacy Regulations and Compliance

Prepare your organization for compliance with data privacy regulations including GDPR, CPRA, CCPA, New York SHIELD Act, GLBA and HIPAA. Learn More

Why Do You Need a Data Privacy Program?

The following are key reasons to develop your organization’s Data Privacy Program:

  • Be a good corporate citizen
  • Competitive differentiator
  • Continually monitor, maintain and improve the privacy program
  • Continue to meet regulatory compliance obligations
  • Enhance the organization’s reputation/brand
  • Entry into new markets
  • Facilitate privacy awareness of employees, customers, partners and service providers
  • Increase value/quality of data
  • Meet client/consumer expectations
  • Promote consumer trust and confidence
  • Reduce risk to and respond effectively to privacy breaches

Schneider Downs Data Privacy Resources

About Schneider Downs Data Privacy Services

At Schneider Downs, our IT Risk Advisory Practice has a team of professionals who specialize in data privacy. Our team not only understands the evolving data privacy regulations but also the technologies that allow for opportunities to enable controls in the effort of reducing and protecting the data footprint and ongoing risks of non-compliance. 

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Identified a $900,000 tax credit, nearly twice as much as prior years.
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